Our children learn faster when they are having fun! That is why Kate’s new book comes with 30 games to help your child grow their verbal communication skills. Below is a sneak preview of just three. Enjoy!

1. Adjective Silly Walk Game

Age: All ages
Goal: Speaks in simple phrases (2–3-word combination) or more
Items needed: None

Game: Do the following kinds of walks across the room:

  • A shaky walk
  • Marching walk
  • Tip-toe walk
  • Wobbly walk
  • Scary monster walk
  • Zombie walk
  • Crazy Laughing walk

Say the name of each walk as you walk across the room. When your child is really motivated, ask them to tell you what type of walk, they want to see you do.

Variations: You could have a stuffed animal do the different walks. You could do this with different dances: for example, chicken dance, the twist, waltz, break dancing, and the tango. Or different kinds of jumps across the room, for example, hops, high jumps, and long jumps.


2. Make Your Own Silly Soup Restaurant Game

Age: All ages
Goals: Answers simple “what, who, where” questions requiring facts
Items needed: A big saucepan from your kitchen or a plastic bucket, a wooden spoon.

Game: You pretend that your Play Room is “The Make Your Own Silly Soup Restaurant”. Put a table in the middle of the room, with the big saucepan on the table, with a big wooden spoon. Pretend you are the waiter. Invite your child to sit at the table. Then come and take their order. Give them the choice of three veggies and ask, “What veggie do you want in your silly soup?” Give them the choice of three insects and ask, “What insect do you want in your silly soup?” Then you give them the choice of three bodily sounds, sneezes, burps or raspberries, and ask “What sound would you like in your silly soup?” After they tell you, put each ingredient in the soup and have fun stirring it and tasting it.

Variations: Have them be the waiter asking you the question. Instead of soup, it could be silly pasta, or silly pizza or salad.


3. The “Because” Chase Game

Age: 1–12 (see the variation below for older children)
Goal: Speaks (3 or more word combinations) using articles and conjunctions
Items needed: A piece of paper with “BECAUSE” written on it in big bold thick letters.

Game: When your child is motivated in a chase game, say “I want to chase you …” then hold up the “BECAUSE” poster and say “… because I love you”. Next time give another reason; it could be “because you are the best son/daughter ever”, or “because you like to eat caterpillars”. Give as many silly reasons as you want. As long as your child is motivated, carry on with different reasons. When your child is truly motivated, pause when you lift the “BECAUSE” poster and point to it silently and wait for your child to say “because”. If they do not say it you can directly challenge them to say, “Because.”

Variations: If your child is older, you can do the same thing within any game that your child is motivated by.

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