Autistic Logistics

“I love Wilde's book. As a facilitator of parenting classes, and a mom of a 7 year old boy on the spectrum, I feel like I found such a great treasure. She has very specific solutions on Toilet Training that I wish I would have had early on. As well, I found myself getting very clear on the boundaries that really matter versus the ones that were not that important.”
Julianne B.
“Autistic Logistics is just outstanding! It’s a treasure trove of extremely practical techniques to enable your child to triumph over the everyday obstacles that no one else is truly helping you to deal with. And it shows you how to do this in a way that is honoring and respectful of your child. … this book will be a game-changer for you and your family.”
Raun K. Kaufman
Author, Autism Breakthrough Director of Global Education, Autism Treatment Center of America®
“Talk about a must-have! I bought copies for my children's tutors as well so that we can discuss the principles in this book.”
“Highly recommended. I have used the advice given in this book personally with children I work with and it works 100%.”
Mb Tuset Lopez
“Brilliant book…straight to the point for dealing with an autistic child on a daily basis with the common, everyday things us special mummy’s and daddy’s have to deal with day in day out! … ! cannot recommend this book enough … really feels like the author gets what us parents go through on a daily basis! Worth buying!”
Ms. Charlotte K. Lincoln
“Autistic Logistics”, is an excellent resource! I could not put it down. Wilde gives solutions to the most common challenges parents, teachers, and professionals face when dealing with someone with autism. I have an autistic child and know firsthand that many times 'we just don’t know what to do.' This book 'enlightened' me on what to do!”
Nayari E Blanco
An absolutely brilliant survival guide for parents and caregivers who care for and/or work with individuals on the spectrum! As a therapist, I appreciated the simple task analysis associated with the areas of challenge.
Kim Teamer
Autistic Logistics is excellent ... keep somewhere near so that you can refer to it
N J Goodbrand
“The most powerful aspect of this book is the engaging companionship offered by author Kate Wilde as she takes readers into the nitty-gritty of daily life with a child on the autism spectrum. … a wise and experienced teacher; who has been studying and working in a hands-on​ way with children and teenagers for over twenty years. There are numerous practical ‘try this’ exercises and suggestions for everyday problems, all based on lived experience.”
Elizabeth McCormick
psychotherapist; author: Change For The Better
“Using guidelines from this book my grandson was potty trained within 4 weeks going without any accidents.”
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